If you missed Mass or even if you went to another mass, you can find Fr. Richard's homilies on our main website. Here is a link to the podcast. Click on descending to get the latest one. I highly recommend listening to the challenging message from Sunday, September 10th. Here it is here.

See you and the whole family at mass. It was great seeing so many of my first grade families at mass today. Keep it going.

God bless




Seamless Garment

Actionable Faith

St. James tells us a “faith without action is dead” (2:14-26). Here at St. Clare Religious Education, we hope to share with our students a faith that is active in the celebration of the liturgy and in loving service to neighbor. We are proud to report that our confirmation students donated $760.87 to Unicef to help other children around the world. Now, we are partnering with Adult Faith Formation to  collect shoe boxes with toiletries to share with friends right here on Staten Island who are without a home.

All Religious Education students are encouraged to participate in this endeavor. Confirmation students will earn community service hours for their participation. Please bring your donations to class. But you are most especially invited to attend the Seamless Garment Mass and event on Sunday, January 27th at the 1:00pmMass to meet some of the people for whom we are collecting and to listen to their stories.


Christmas Memories

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Mark your Calendar!


Welcome Back!!!

January 5, 2019

Mass during class

January 7, 2019

Mass during class

January 12, 2019

2nd grade Reconciliation Retreat

2A, 2B, 2C & 2S   1:00 pm

student and at least one parent report to church

January 13, 2019

10:00 am

Mandatory 4th grade Mass

January 19, 2019 

2nd grade Reconciliation Retreat

2D and 2E   9:00 am

2F 1:00 pm

student and at least one parent report to church

January 21, 2019


Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

January 27, 2019 

 1:00 pm Mass

Seamless Garment