Confirmation Rehearsal Schedule
May, 2015

Below is the Confirmation Rehearsal Schedule.  Children are to be dropped off at St. Clare School Gym. Please use the front doors on Lindenwood Road.  Only children (no parents or sponsors) are to attend the rehearsal.

Tickets for Confirmation will be distributed at rehearsal. Each child will receive 6 tickets.  THERE ARE NO EXTRA TICKETS AVAILABLE THROUGH THE RELIGIOUS EDUCATION OFFICE. If you are in need of extra tickets, you can ask other parents who have children receiving Confirmation at the same time as your child. Confirmation Candidates and their Sponsors do NOT need a ticket.

Children can be picked up approximately 1.5 hours after the start of rehearsal. Pick up will be outside St. Clare Church, or you can meet your child in the parking lot.  If you have any questions, you can come into the church after rehearsal and  we will address your questions.

Please make sure your child arrives ON TIME for rehearsal and remains for the whole rehearsal. No children will be dismissed early from rehearsal. 

Thank you for your cooperation.

Thursday, May 21 2015
@ 5 PM
Tuesday, May 12 2015 
@ 3 PM
Friday, May 22 2015 
@ 10 AM
Wednesday, May 13 2015  @ 3 PM
Friday, May 22 2015 
@ 1:30 PM
Wednesday, May 13 2015 
@ 5 PM






Rehearsal Schedule
First Communion

Please refer to the table below for your child's scheduled time for FHC Rehearsal. Please make sure your child is on time for rehearsal. All rehearsals will be held in the Church, and the Church doors will be open approximately 15 minutes before the rehearsal time. Parents should drop children off and return after approximately 1 hour for last minute reminders. You can wait outside and you will be called in when the rehearsal is over. 

Please bring your completed banner to the rehearsal with you. Please label the back of your banner with your child's full name. ( You can label on a piece of masking tape or a mailing label and stick it on the back.)

First Communion Date

Rehearsal Date

Saturday, April 18 @ 1 PM

Tuesday, April 14

@ 4PM

Sunday, April 19 @ 10 AM

Wednesday, April 15

 @ 4 PM

Saturday, April 25 @ 9 AM

Tuesday, April 21

@ 4 PM

Saturday, April 25 @ 1 PM

Wednesday, April 22

 @ 4 PM

Sunday, April 26 @ 1 PM

Tuesday, April 21

@ 5:30  PM

Saturday, May 2 @ 9 AM

Tuesday, April 28

@ 4 PM

Saturday, May 2 @ 1 PM

Wednesday, April 29

@ 4 PM

   Thank you for your cooperation!


 Monday, Tuesday,  and Thursday: 
 10:30 AM - 3:30 PM

11:00 - 500

We welcome visitors to our office during our regular office hours.  Please call if you are planning on stopping by to ensure someone is available to assist you.

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